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An Addict in the Family - A Mother's Tale of Heartbreak, Courage, and Resilience

Memoir An Addict in the Family

“Turn your back and run,” they told her. But how does a mother turn her back on her son?

The advice was always the same, “Don’t do it!”  She did it anyway.


Early October 2019, Stephanie Hammond received the call she’d dreaded for years. Her son, Charlie, had been arrested. He had been addicted to one substance or another since he was 14-years-old. It became his response to emotional trauma, and Charlie had had an extraordinary share of trauma.

When his habit escalated into dealing, her worst nightmare became a reality: prison visits, bail, parole, and much, much more.

An Addict in the Family is an intimate memoir of a mother's love as she endeavours to reconnect with her son and navigate the maze of justice and drug rehabilitation services. In this heart-breaking example of how addiction affects not just the addict but also their families, there is a reminder that you are not alone, and you can find peace again.

Last Days in Atlantis - The City of the Golden Gates

Book Last Days in Atlantis

Historical fantasy 

Mari is thrust into a position of responsibility as the warrior leader of the Atlantean Hill People before she's ready. She strives to make choices that are best for her and her people against a backdrop of deception and intrigue. She becomes entangled in the power struggles between her people and the rulers of the City of the Golden Gates. 

Events test her trust in the traditions of her people and her confidence in those who are dear to her: the Elders, her mother, and the young man she is expected to share her future with.  Mari believes she has failed the task and struggles to overcome her feelings of grief, guilt, and betrayal as she strives to survive the tumult around her. 

Beatrice teaches a bully compassion

Beatrice Learns Compassion

Beatrice is going to Angel School. Her task today is to show the chief Angel, Michael, and her teacher what she has learned about compassion.


She spies a group of boys in a school playground surrounding a little girl. One of the boys is being mean to the little girl.


Beatrice flies in to help. 

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