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I love to write and have authored young adult and young children's fiction. I aspire to be a memoirist. On my blog I share thoughts on my life as a writer, a parent, an older person, a creative. In my posts on life's lessons, I share the challenges and wins I've experienced. I've almost got over my embarrassment at  what seems to be many, many stupid choices and decisions I've made - and now I celebrate them for the growth and learning opportunities that have come as a result. The feel and sound of words are delicious to me. I write what I think is meaningful. And I share in the hope that my words will lighten your own life's journey. 

Me, Briefly


I've been a teenage mother, an Avon lady, a volunteer, a mum of seven, a widow, a divorcee, a mature student, a town planner, a book author and publisher.


Able to hold the broad view while discussing the smallest details, introvert though appearing to others as an extrovert, deep thinker, love to learn, love adventures.


Born in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, I live in New Zealand. 

Hop on over to my Blog posts and dive in. I'd love it if you share your own thoughts with me. 

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Last Days in Atlantis. (Historical fantasy - for young adult+ audience)

Mari is thrust into a position of responsibility as the warrior leader of the Atlantean Hill People before she's ready. She strives to make choices that are best for her and her people against a backdrop of deception and intrigue. She becomes entangled in the power struggles between her people and the rulers of the City of the Golden Gates. 

Events test her trust in the traditions of her people and her confidence in those who are dear to her: the Elders, her mother, and the young man she is expected to share her future with.  Mari believes she has failed the task and struggles to overcome her feelings of grief, guilt, and betrayal as she strives to survive the tumult around her. 

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This is the first of my children's stories about Beatrice, a young angel-in-training with one large wing. Beatrice Learns Compassion, offering a different approach to bullying, was illustrated by my granddaughter, Bella, when she was 10-years-old. It's suited to children of all ages.

The Kindle version is available from Amazon. Print copies are available to purchase through the contact page