• Stephanie Hammond


I've just been sharing this gorgeous photo on some of my FB pages because it's a gorgeous representation of Spring, that's just sprung here in the southern hemisphere.

It also is beautiful to me in its bright colours and perfect symmetry because I've recently had cataract surgery and NOW, everything is so bright and vibrant to me. I didn't realise how dull my life was appearing to me prior to the surgery.

I love it that we get woken up, as it were, but life's events. Suddenly we see life differently.

Learning to play golf was like this for me. I love to walk and always thought golf was a silly game, hitting a ball with a stick, walking to where it lands, spending ages finding it, hitting it again and doing the whole thing over. Then I met and fell in love with a golfer and decided I'd learn so I'd be able to play with him when we retired. (I retired from my town planning profession, he's still working, by the way). I wasn't prepared for the joy the game opened for me with a whole new social circle and a wonderful way to get out in the fresh air. Most joyous of all, though, is the progressive improvement of skills, and the elation I feel when the score reflects this improvement. And when I have a bad day, I know it won't last - next time I'll do better. This is what keeps me coming back.

Now, I look forward to whatever life presents me - medical procedure, learning a new physical or mental skill, or meeting new people - the learnings that come from new experiences will always please, surprise and inspire me.

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