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Say Yes to the Universe

Updated: Feb 17, 2018

“What made you come back?” My friend was puzzled. She knew I had a good life in the US. In fact, she didn’t expect to see me living in NZ again. But here I was just three years after I’d left. Home again, and she was curious.

How to explain I knew that the time was right? I’d woken up on a Thursday morning just knowing it was time to go home. I told my house-mate and she went off to work believing I’d feel differently by the evening.

I didn’t feel differently. That day I’d rung a friend and colleague in NZ asking if he knew of any work that would suit me. He said he’d ask around. By the Sunday, I had a job offer, which I accepted.

This is how it is for me, I find. When the time is right, things fall into place and go smoothly, all the time.

It was like this when I went to India in 2007. I had no inclination or thought to go until someone I met at a conference in Los Angeles mentioned he was going with a group. On hearing his plans, I had a strong feeling that I would go too. And when I told him that I wanted to come, he laughed. His group had been planning this trip for a long time and there were no places left. In fact, there was a long waiting list. To be honest, I was puzzled by this as the impression I was to go with them was so strong. I asked him to please be sure that my name went on the waiting list and he reluctantly agreed.

Within four months, a vacancy on the trip came up. No-one on the waiting list could join them, so I was offered a place. I went to India with this group three months later. The photo is of an experience I had - the only one of our 19 group members who held the snake. Such a gorgeous creature.

These are not isolated examples. When my husband and I decided to relocate to the South Island, we put our home up for sale and it sold before any advertising was done or any open homes were held. Then when we decided it was time to come back to Hamilton, our South Island home sold within a couple of weeks of its being on the market. The buyers wanted an early settlement and we were on our way back to the North Island within a couple of weeks of signing the contract. Our carrier was able to move us at short notice too.

I’ve noticed there's a pattern that occurs when things appear to “work out” so well.

First, I have to have a firm picture of what I want. I wanted to go to India. We wanted to move house. Associated with that picture is an equally firm conviction that it is the right thing.

Second, I have to take action. I begged my friend to put me on the waiting list. We got our homes ready so they would appeal to a new owner. I rang my NZ colleague and asked if he knew of any work prospects for me.

And Third, I have to have an unshakable faith and trust that what I want, or better, will be there for me. I didn’t accept that I wouldn’t go to India. I believed that even if I’d been away for three years, I would get a job when I went back to NZ. We knew it was the right thing to leave Hamilton, and that it was the right thing to come back, at the times we made those decisions.

This or something better - will always come to pass. It appears to be so in my life, that when I follow that certain pattern, things work out. I’m not forcing them to happen. I’m ‘knowing’ they will happen.

Looking back, there were many other little things that came along with the big events I’m mentioned here. Because I went to India, for example, I gained a greater understanding and love for the Tibetan people such that my heart longed to visit Tibet. By the end of that year the invitation came to do just that and the experiences I had there are etched forever in my memory.

Years ago I learned how important it is to say “Yes” to the universe. Although it is scary at first, it gets easier and easier as good things start to happen, easily. In fact, even though the evidence might be to the contrary, in my experience, only good things happen. May it be your experience as well.

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