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My Writing Life

It’s been a week of baby steps - coming to a better understanding of publishing - something I know little or nothing about at a deeper level. I want to understand how to layout my children’s books. I printed the first one at our local printers and still have over 100 copies. Then along came CreateSpace and now I’m determined it’s time to put this little children’s tale on Amazon.

My granddaughter Bella illustrated the first children’s story when she was 10. It’s about Beatrice, a little angel with one large wing. Beatrice is learning to be an angel and in this first book she learns about compassion. I love the illustrations she did.

Now she is seven years older and preparing for a career in design. As part of her portfolio, she is illustrating the second book where Beatrice learns about joy. I’m looking to put both these stories on Kindle but am finding it’s a challenge for me. I’m working on putting the first one up first and by the time the second is ready, towards the end of this year, I’ll be better at these steps.

Thankfully, there’s an amazing community of fellow writers out there who are so willing to share their experience and knowledge with each other. I’m learning a lot, taking baby steps, and building up a base of knowledge. Still, I’m a long way from being able to run. Is there software that does this all for me? Is there a list of fonts and sizes suitable for the various genres and for children’s picture books? How to layout a picture book for Kindle - text or picture on the left page? Still a way to go, but knowing which questions I have is a good baby step. And asking questions brings answers and opens up more questions. Progress.

I found that Amazon has a good program available for download to help upload a pdf file into kindle format. That’s helpful, but there’s no answers to my questions yet.

At the same time as undertaking this research, I’ve been updating my website. I’ve learned a lot since I first set it up with my shaky baby steps. I’m thinking the website is more a reflection of myself now than it was. So I’m happy with my progress in learning in this area. And I’m really enjoying blogging and posting each day on my site, seeing the body of little stories about my own life growing.

And I’m looking at how my daughter, Phoebe Wilby (also an author), and I can make our publishing website more useful for our creative rellies. That’s an interesting challenge - how to add to their public exposure for their art. Baby steps.

And this is what I’m learning about baby steps. I am shaky and unsteady at first, looking at where to step, how to balance, and where to get support. And after a while, those faltering steps become stronger and soon become automatic.

I’m looking forward to seeing the progress and achievement that I can only hope and believe is happening right now.

I am so very sure I’m doing the right thing with all this research and writing. It’s my life now and makes me happy. It feels good to be moving forward, hard though it is right now, and I won’t stop.

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