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My thirst for adventure ...

I was searching my archives of old photos and came across this one. It's a school photo taken when I was 10 years old. The book I'm reading in the photo is Penguin Road by Ken Dalziel. Written in 1955, the book tells the life of Australian explorers during their expedition to Antarctica in 1953. I haven't got there yet, but it's still on my bucket list! I must find a copy of this book and re-read it. I can see how my love of different places was fostered by the books I read as well as coming from my wonderful ancestral heritage: Scandinavian, Irish, English, and somewhere in the Mediterranean area.

My feet have longed to stand in these places and I've been blessed to have visited some. And my heart's longings may still be satisfied. I have many more years on this wonderful earth to live!

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Last Days in Atlantis. (Historical fantasy - for young adult+ audience)

Mari is thrust into a position of responsibility as the warrior leader of the Atlantean Hill People before she's ready. She strives to make choices that are best for her and her people against a backdrop of deception and intrigue. She becomes entangled in the power struggles between her people and the rulers of the City of the Golden Gates. 

Events test her trust in the traditions of her people and her confidence in those who are dear to her: the Elders, her mother, and the young man she is expected to share her future with.  Mari believes she has failed the task and struggles to overcome her feelings of grief, guilt, and betrayal as she strives to survive the tumult around her. 

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This is the first of my children's stories about Beatrice, a young angel-in-training with one large wing. Beatrice Learns Compassion, offering a different approach to bullying, was illustrated by my granddaughter, Bella, when she was 10-years-old. It's suited to children of all ages.

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