• Stephanie Hammond

Have you ever felt scared to share your art?

Well I have! And from what I read and hear, I'm not alone here. Of course, my art is predominantly created through words. Yours might be with brush and paint. Or it might be through your voice, or movement. If you feel like me, then you'll identify with Martin Creed and what he wrote on the spine of this book about his art. He's not an artist whose works resonate totally with me, but I can appreciate his skill and his conceptual art style. After all, he won the Turner Prize, so he must be good, right? And he won this prize well before this book was published in 2014. So why does he fear so much?

Strangely, his fears make me feel calmer about my own fears about sharing my own art. And I'm committing to being more public in sharing my words. Like me with Martin Creed's work, my words may not resonate with you. If they do, then you'll be glad I'm sharing. Regardless, I hope the words he's shared will in some way quiet your fears too, and give you courage to share your craft. We need to get to know you through your art, and from there to get to know ourselves better.

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This is the first of my children's stories about Beatrice, a young angel-in-training with one large wing. Beatrice Learns Compassion, offering a different approach to bullying, was illustrated by my granddaughter, Bella, when she was 10-years-old. It's suited to children of all ages.

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