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Don't Judge a Book ...

I was reminded of a wonderful lesson I thought I'd learned years ago. My dear friend Maria looked like a fashion plate from the moment she put her foot on the floor in the morning till she went to bed at night. She was married to Bruce, who, in my opinion, was a slob of a man, totally unworthy of her. I was sounding off about him one day, saying, for not the first time, that I didn't see what Maria saw in him. This time I was interrupted by one of the group who told me:

"I met his sister the other day. She told me how grateful they were that Bruce found Maria. He'd completely changed his life around and was making such a valuable contribution to his family and his business as a result."

I was duly chastened and mended my ways. Until recently, that is. I met a good friend of another person I was lately being quite unkind about. This person sang my unpopular acquaintance's praises and gave me a new insight into her. As if this wasn't enough, I had the "good fortune" to work closely with another person I had been deliberately ignoring and had the most enjoyable afternoon. Soon we were laughing and sharing stories like old friends.

I do hope I've learned now and go on to embrace every chance to get to know someone who's appearance is not at first attractive to me.

I hope I always remember - Stephanie, don't judge a book ...

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