• Stephanie Hammond

Change the world!

I love Brené Brown. One courageous and encouraging woman!

I recently read a quote of hers that stopped me in my tracks.

When we tell our stories we change the world!

"Who, me?" you might ask. "How can I, all on my own, possibly do something that can change the world?"

This quote feels so true to me when I think back how other people's stories have shaped and changed me - my attitudes, my perceptions of the world around me, my faith and confidence in myself. Take Brené Brown, for example. Google her if you haven't met her yet. She has put a whole new slant on being honest for me, giving me the courage to write and allow myself be vulnerable. Susan Jeffers and her Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway was 100% instrumental in my being able to overcome my fears I wrote about recently. When I read George Eliot's Mill on the Floss I cried with relief that someone out there identified with me so clearly! And, totally disillusioned in my love experiences, I believed again that there was a soulmate out there for me as I cried a box full of tissues while reading Nicholas Spark's The Notebook.

And I do believe Brené Brown was including me when she said 'when we tell our stories we change the world!' And she included you too. And don't we tell our stories when we meet at the end of the day and share what's gone on for us? And when we post in FaceBook or Twitter or other social media? And when we sit and type up the product of our imaginations?

What is it we want to share - the stuff of what it means to be human. And what is it we want in return from the sharing? To know that our lives matter, that we matter enough to help raise another's spirits, to show encouragement, love and support and understanding for the human condition. And to receive that in return.

I'll continue to write and share my stories, and continue to read and celebrate your stories, and together we will bring about change in the world.

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