• Stephanie Hammond

“40 Reasons Why Do You Write?” Challenge

Why do I write? 40 reasons? Okay. I can do this. Challenge accepted! (challenge from Bryan Hutchinson). Read on … 40 reasons why I write:

1. I can’t help it!

2. I have these stories running through my brain that want to be written.

3. My life experiences remind me of universal, human truths that I think I can craft in a creative way and share with others in a way they can identify with my experiences.

4. People seem to like what I write, and I’m a people pleaser!

5. I love words!

6. To leave a legacy for my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren … and their children.

7. To show I can fulfil my dream – to write a book.

8. I’m a people watcher and am always making up stories in my head about them. I want to put those stories down.

9. To inspire and be inspired.

10. To leave a part of myself.

11. To connect with other people.

12. To feel energised.

13. To influence other’s thoughts.

14. To be able to say I’m a writer, not just a retired town planner.

15. Because I’m inspired by other writers.

16. To still my crazy mind.

17. To ease another’s hurt or fear.

18. It makes me happy.

19. Because I’m brave.

20. I believe my thoughts are worth reading.

21. Because in writing I find out more about myself and my world.

22. To touch another’s heart and ease their burden in some small way.

23. I’ve always loved expressing my creativity through words.

24. I want to prove the doubters, especially my own inner doubter, wrong!

25. It’s a wonderful medium for self expression.

26. It’s a way to open myself up to others, to be vulnerable.

27. I’m hoping to achieve a greater level of honesty through my written words.

28. It’s a great way to reflect on global issues.

29. It’s a great way to escape from global issues.

30. It helps me see what I’m grateful for.

31. It surprises me what inspires my thoughts when I make the decision to write.

32. I appreciate other’s writings more because I also write.

33. To quiet the inner critic who is always telling me to “write it down!”

34. To make a difference in the world.

35. To tell stories that matter.

36. To answer questions in my heart.

37. I like the feeling of accomplishment from finishing a writing project.

38. Because I CAN write – both the physical act of sitting, and the penning words on paper or computer that actually mean something.

39. To express my creativity.

40. To give me peace from the characters and stories demanding to be fleshed out with words!

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